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Tau Station Player's Guide

Unofficial player's guide to Tau Station

This page is part of the Unofficial Player’s Guide to Tau Station.


Syndicates are group of players with a common agenda teaming up. They are roughly equivalent to guilds or teams of other games.

Table of Contents

Formation Process

To form a syndicate, the designated leader must fulfill these requirements:

Having fulfilled these requirements, a player can go to a government center of the respective government, spend the 100,000 credits, and use this to found the syndicate. It needs a name, a three-letter shorthand (limited to a-z, A-Z, 0-9) and a description (up to 300 characters).

A syndicate can specify a minimal player level and a required genotype for members.

Within the next 5 days, a syndicate needs three more co-signers at the same local government center. The three co-signers need only fulfill the genotype and level requirements of the syndicate (if any), there are no reputation or monetary requirements for the co-signers or other syndicate members.

Membership Management

Once a syndicate has its three co-signers, it is fully formed. The co-signers automatically become applicants at the syndicate.

The owner can then approve or reject applicants, and configure whether the syndicate is recruiting or not. If it is recruiting, players can apply independently of location.

A syndicate starts with slots for 10 members. This limit can be extended by spending bonds:

Extension to Cost in bonds cumulative costs
15 990 990
20 1290 2280
25 1790 4070
30 3090 7160
35 6190 13350
40 13890 27240

A syndicate also earns one slot for each tier-up (so every 5 levels). Membership capacity is limited to 40.

The syndicate founder can approve applicants, kick members, and even ban them from re-applying. They can also give other members the same privilege by applying the Membership Management role.


Syndicates have a separate bank accounts. Members can donate bonds and credits to the syndicate.

There is also a 5% tax by default on any credits that members get or deposit into the bank, and this 5% is diverted to the syndicate bank account.

This tax rate can be changed to any integer number between 0 and 100% inclusive by the syndicate members with “Money management” right.


Syndicate members are clearly marked on their profile page as being a member of a syndicate, and the chat shows the three-letter shorthand.

Syndicates get a private private chat room.

Syndicate members can also send broadcast in-mails to all members of the syndicate.


Syndicates gain experience points through member activity, and level up when the experience counter reaches 100%.

So far, it is unclear what syndicate experience or levels is good for, except that syndicate levels are also grouped in tiers, and the syndicate gets another slot when ascending to another tier.


Each Syndicate automatically gets a shared storage unit in the Ruins area of the station where it was founded.

It is a small storage with 50 slots, which can be extended to 150 slot for 484 bonds, or to 500 slots for 1209 bonds.

Every member can donate items to the syndicate by putting them into the storage, and members with the Inventory Management role also can take out items.


At this time, there are no direct benefits to syndicate members; those are planned for the near future.

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