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Tau Station Player's Guide

Unofficial player's guide to Tau Station

This page is part of the Unofficial Player’s Guide to Tau Station.

Table of Contents

Private Ships

You can buy private ships, and use those for travel. Since this requires several expensive and long University courses and at least 210,000 credits for the cheapest type of ship, this should be considered an advanced feature.


In order to buy a Private Shuttle, you need to complete the following University courses, in this order:

If you want to buy a Razorback (faster and much more expensive), you will need these additional courses:

Ship Types

Once you have the prerequisite University courses and enough credits, you can go to a shipyard and buy a ship. (There is a shipyard on The Maid of Orléans, but it doesn’t sell any ships.)

The following table shows the available and the planned ship types:

Name Mass / T Acceleration / G Fuel Capacity / g Max Range / km Cargo Capacity / T Price / credits Prerequisites Availability
Private Shuttle 8.8 2.427 5 2,145,548 0 210,000 Basic Ship Handling Daedalus, København, Yards of Gadani
Razorback 9.5 14.5 90 5,987,859 0 995,000 Advanced Ship Handling Yards of Gadani
Bulk Carrier 890 0.906 250 2,841,466 140      
Freighter 475 1.305 175 2,587,346 70      
Private Cargo Shuttle 30.5 2.321 17.5 2,265,602 10      
Public Shuttle 1280 3.626 5000 9,873,087 0      

Operating a Ship

Once you buy a ship, you have to give it a name (length between 3 and 100 characters, Unicode allowed), and then it becomes available at the Docks. A newly bought ship is fully fueled.

At the Docks, you can enter the ship, and choose a destination. On a Jump Gate, the destination can be a connected jump gate or a local station. On other stations, you can just select local destinations.

Using a ship consumes fuel proportionally to the travel distance. You can refuel at any dock, though the price per fuel depends on the station, and is roughly proportional to the station level. It is roughly calculated as 1159 credits + 540 credits * station level, so roughly between 1,500 credits per gram on Tau Station to about 12,000 credits per gram on Yards of Gadani and Bordeaux:

Station level price in credits/gram System
1 1,500 Sol
3 4,020 Sol
4 5,220 Sol
5 6,420 Sol
6 7,590 Sol
7 8,760 Alpha Centauri
8 9,870 Alpha Centauri
9 10,980 Alpha Centauri
10 12,090 Alpha Centauri
11 13,100 Barnard’s Star

Note that reputation bonuses apply to fuel costs.

Refueling is also slow, but you can spend bonds to speed it up.

Traveling to local stations is cheaper with the private shuttle than with public shuttles; the interstellar jump is slightly more expensive if you refuel at Tau Station, and much more expensive if you refuel anywhere except in Sol.

There are University courses available to reduce fuel consumption and to reduce the damage that ships take during normal operation. The Basic Fuel Efficiency course reduces fuel usage by 5%, and the Advanced and Mastery course each add another 5% fuel savings.


Ships require regular repairs, and occasional refurbishments.

Once a health bar of a ship below a certain threshold, or when the navigation computers are “not operational”, the ship requires repair before you can fly it again.

If you are lucky, and the current station has a shipyard, the repairs can be done for you by payed workers, which means you can do not have to be present during the repairs – but it costs about twice as much as repairing it yourself.

On stations without a shipyard, you have to repair your ship at the docks, which is cheaper, but confines you to the docks during the repair.

In either case, you can spend 10 bonds to halve the repair time.

A repair only brings the health up to 75%. Refurbishment at a shipyard costs an additional 2000 credits, and completely restores the health of the ship.

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